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Charlotte Petition is a politically neutral, non-profit, independent platform. We give everyone a voice – no matter how big or small a cause seems.


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Charlotte Petition is a politically neutral, non-profit, independent platform. We give everyone a voice – no matter how big or small a cause seems.
You see a problem and want to do something about it? You are not alone! 13 millions people take action on our platform to tackle societal and political issues.
Charlotte County

County Constitution Never happend!

Charlotte county was divided from Desoto county in 1921 at that time there where a mere 4,000 residents within the boundaries of the county at that time it was the peoples duty to pick up the mantel and constitute the county but this never happened, leaving in place a provisional county government which remains the same to this day. Public records only provides us with a copt of the home rule charter. This document is a one sided all in favor of the state and county leaving the county residents with no means of control within ther county government this creating a kingdom not a republic form of government. 

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The Republican Assembly Charlotte County is an action based political organization in partner with a national superPAC. NFRA National Federated republican Assembly.

Our mission to enact change and individual rights at the local county government level. It is long overdue that the people run the government as the founders constituted. Here is your opportunity to help with these efforts. Agree with the cause then please read and sign our petition and have your voice heard.

We the people have been too long attending our local governments hearings and they don’t hear anything we say!

As a collective we can enact the needed change for Charlotte County in all levels of local government as well as push for the things we would like to have changed. STOP taking what they are serving to you and help us take control!
Your 14th amendment provides you the right to redress your government not pour out a passionate speech while the fiddle with their computers and cell phones all of the while treating you as the citizen and taxpayer as a formality in the room and then just do whatever they have preplanned. It was said that some of the boards in Charlotte county before a meeting say “Are you ready to go into the circus and listen to the clowns yell”!! If you are tired of the insults and being ignored join our efforts sign our petition and we will take it from there.

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